Create change. Together.

We have no lack of will to do good on the planet. Many people are motivated to try and create better futures. But projects lack resources and people are flooded with information. Our current coordination systems tend to accrue power to themselves, resulting in misaligned incentives, wasted resources, and success to the successful.

We need to expand our collaborative capacity, and act towards the health of all of Team Earth.

Our Cooperative

We are a worker-owned LCA, a Limited Cooperative Association, with several ways to get involved.

We build our tech to protect your data as a commons. If you’re curious about how we navigate, read our Coordinates.

Teaming as a practice

We are a heads-up, open-hearted cooperative building collaboration software to support strategic change. Our services use a teaming and systems approach to help people self-organize and share strategies. Imagination and common sense-making are tools we use to effectively address challenges that threaten human and planetary health.

Our Teams

Citizen Supporters

Team Earth invites you to join us in tackling the tangled problems of pandemic response, climate change, housing, fresh water, food security, and more.

Our cooperative innovates on ownership as well as technology. Please join us in support of basic human needs and planetary health.

Contributing Members

Strategic Advisors

Core Team

We’re looking for folks with these skills on the core team: UX / UI, front end or full-stack software development, coop operations and finance, and are open to other proposals. Please get in touch if you’re interested in co-founding a worker-owned coop with us. We’re much more a zebra than a unicorn, and we know that enough is enough.

Christina Bowen

On a mission to illuminate knowledge ecosystems to extend the strategic capacities of communities and organizations in the face of complex challenges.

Expertise: building community resilience through collaborative innovation networks, system mapping, data structuring, network engagement, ecological thinking applied to information flows.

Background: Wetland ecology, land-use planning, organizational system and network visualization and design, adaptive strategy. Digital Life Collective: co-founder. Human Interface Project: human. Kumu: recommended mapper.

Philip Pridmore-Brown

Dedicated to translating deep expertise in analytical software and processes into ethical technology that can solve society’s most complex problems.

Expertise: software systems, graph data, data science and analytics, UX, ontologies, enterprise software development, strategic planning, geospatial knowledge modeling, natural language processing, human machine learning, semantic technology.

Background: Experienced Software Design Specialist with a 20+ experience. Strong creative engineering professional with a Master of Science (MS) focused in Applied Information Management from University of Oregon.

Amy Sullivan

Exploring connections between perspectives and people; how we think and what we do, as we learn to listen and embrace the tension before lift-off.

Expertise: Distilling information to bridge big picture strategy and practical, thoughtful implementation. Listening and storytelling to support responsive human-user interactions.

Background: Corporate communications, marketing and messaging; project management and product development; biological systems, science communication

Lauren Hebert

Collaborating across disciplines and synthesizing ideas from disparate domains to uncover surprising solutions for the world’s most pressing problems.

Expertise: Forged by an ongoing exploration of human behavior and a love of working and learning at the intersection of seemingly disparate fields. Director of External Programs at Inworks, facilitator, magician.

Background: Marketing strategy and management, learning program development and facilitation, and human-centered design.

Victor Piper

Creates inclusive, high-bandwidth spaces where the whole organization turns partial information into questions, questions into testable hypotheses, and validated knowledge into high-impact product releases.

Expertise: Facilitative Leadership, OKRs, Product Management , Agile Software Development, Community Management.

Background: Platforms, Enterprise Software, System Design and Management @ MIT, Electrical Engineering @ UMass Lowell


The ‘Knowledge Ecology interface’, our ‘KEi’ collaboration software, provides access to what the smartest people in the room know, helping you coordinate strategic action based on this shared intelligence.

The KEi helps projects see and share their activities and strategies across sectors, including pandemic response, health care, food security, education, and more.

Sign up as a beta tester to be notified when early access is available.

Our consulting services are still available on a limited basis while we work on building the software. Contact us and provide your project’s details and timeline and we’ll get in touch.

We invite projects based on their strategic alignment. The Strategic Initiative process is pro-bono and by invitation only. If you’re working with one or more teams to meet human needs or improve planetary health, please first add your projects to our map and then propose a strategic initiative

If you’re working towards human well-being or planetary health, you can now add your project to our interactive map. We’re currently working on shared strategic assets for pandemic response and climate response, including those that address basic human needs.

Individuals can support us through our citizen collective. Projects in various human needs or planetary health sectors and in alignment with our Coordinates are invited to send us your Team Earth map profile link, along with a five sentence brief about how or why you’d like to partner with us. Also, feel free to propose a strategic initiative.

Our citizen supporter collective is open to anyone. Worker-owners coordinate with core team members to create value in alignment with Team Earth Coordinates. To join Team Earth as a worker-owner, tell us a bit about yourself. Be sure to include where we can find you on LinkedIn and Twitter.