We Help Projects Coordinate Change. Together.


Effective coordination means knowing where to look, when. We start by mapping various efforts and  resources – all organized by sector, geography, and more – and creating connections through these variables. We offer clarity, and a path to faster collaboration, leveraging the pooled insights of our shared knowledge ecosystem.

Increase the speed of and confidence in your critical decisions towards human and planetary resilience.

We help and highlight projects coming together through

Strategic Initiatives.

Strategics Initiatives (SIs) are groups of two or more projects advocating an action that: 

Each Strategic Initiative receives and maintains its own page on the Team Earth website, including links to individual projects, key information, project updates, and more.

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Team Earth utilizes direct donations either through our Open Collective platform, or you can become a Citizen member by contributing annually, joining the discussion, and enjoying additional member benefits.

Learn About Team Earth.

We are a heads-up, open-hearted cooperative that uses a teaming and systems approach to help people self-organize and coordinate across teams with robust collaboration software. Imagination and common sense-making are tools we use to effectively address challenges that threaten human and planetary health.

We have no lack of will to do good on the planet. Many people are motivated to try and create better futures. But projects lack resources and people are flooded with information. Our current coordination systems tend to accrue power to themselves, resulting in misaligned incentives, wasted resources, and success to the successful. We need some basic coordination capacities that are designed for all people.

Christina Bowen

On a mission to illuminate knowledge ecosystems to extend the strategic capacities of communities and organizations in the face of complex challenges.

Expertise: building community resilience through collaborative innovation networks, system mapping, data structuring, network engagement, ecological thinking applied to information flows.

Background: Wetland ecology, land-use planning, organizational system and network visualization and design, adaptive strategy. Digital Life Collective: co-founder. Human Interface Project: human. Kumu: recommended mapper.

Philip Pridmore-Brown

Dedicated to translating deep expertise in analytical software and processes into ethical technology that can solve society’s most complex problems.

Expertise: software systems, graph data, data analytics, ontologies, enterprise software development, geospatial knowledge modeling, natural language processing, human machine learning, semantic technology.

Amy Sullivan

Expertise: Distilling information to bridge big picture strategy and practical, thoughtful implementation. Listening and storytelling to support responsive human-user interactions.


Background: Corporate communications, marketing and messaging; project management and product development; biological systems, science communication

Dennis Layden

Expertise: Content Marketing, SEO Management, SMM, Brand Development

Background: Digital freelance agency owner for the last four years after spending a decade in the hospitality industry. I have a passion for technology and leveraging it for a better future. I’m a people person and enjoy helping bridge the gap between great brands and their audiences. 

Noah Thorp

Expertise: Dedicated to healthy teaming through coherent software and social processes. Along the way he has clocked over 20k hours of software development.

Background: Founder, CoMakery. Architect and product designer on blockchain security token projects including primary issuance, secondary exchange trading and custody with Nasdaq Private Market, Republic, SharesPost, BCAP, PROPs and many others. Leader for DAO, decentralized reputation, and blockchain projects for startups and Fortune 100 companies.

Thomas Conte

Jack of many trades, master of some. Capturing everything visually stimulating with the operations and strategy to implement it – all for the greater good.

Expertise: Snacks. Combining creative development, operations management, and client relations for captivating and concise storytelling.

Background: microbiology and fermentation science; personnel and operations management; creative collateral and strategy 

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