Design to Combat COVID-19

Providing decision-making assessment tools and policy analysis for local leaders to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Available to U.S. and international decision makers.

About Our Project:

Design to Combat COVID-19 helps support local organizations through design problem solving. We provide UX, Design, Marketing and Engineering support to help people facing challenges, including decrease in business and job loss, due to the pandemic.

Where design thinking, engineering, and creative solutions can have an impact in both local and wider communities:

  • Providing small business with design assets
  • Assisting in local government and city wide initiatives
  • Offering business website assistance
  • Resume building for unexpectedly displaced workers
  • Public health service design support
  • Data Visualization creation
  • Mental health support
  • Virtual group chats

Work with a Volunteer Designer:

Related Strategic Initiatives

A coordinated local response to COVID-19 calls for situational assessments, access to the scientific community, and localized messaging to meet each community’s needs.