Group Sense Solutions Group Testing

Highly-Sensitive ddPCR group testing involves testing up to 1200 individuals in two-phase tests. The strategy uses Droplet Digital Polymerase Chain Reaction (ddPCR) for pooling samples.

Our Approach

We utilize advanced mathematical algorithms designed to optimize the accuracy and efficiency of group testing. Our techniques are based on assessing the risks profiles of those we serve. This method has been validated to be superior to today’s standard method of rt-PCR in several ways:

  1. ddPCR group testing will improve the detection of asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19. This means that we will be able to detect COVID-19 cases earlier in communities and rapidly isolate infected individuals to prevent community spread.
  2. ddPCR is 25-50x more sensitive than rt-PCR, suggesting that it can reduce the rate of false negatives, e.g. detect asymptomatic individuals who would otherwise test negatively for the virus. This means that ddPCR will be useful in communities with low – but existing – prevalence of COVID-19.
  3. ddPCR Group Testing saves on reagents and therefore lowers the cost of running each test. This will allow tests to be run routinely for a defined population until every person tests negatively for the virus.

Our Goal

Is to help communities open up safely and remain clear of infection. Businesses can currently use these customized testing strategies to help protect their workforce and customers they serve. Employees and customers with naturally confined schedules (e.g. shift work) and physical boundaries (e.g. a care facility’s unit) are a natural fit for this strategy, with sponsors ranging from essential small businesses and healthcare groups to sports organizations and large corporations.

Widespread adoption of ddPCR group testing may motivate county and regional authorities to implement it across public sector institutions, where applicable, as well: the military, civil servants, the postal service, schools, prisons, nursing homes, etc. Ultimately, by providing a method to identify asymptomatic carriers and helping economic activity return to normal, we hope to serve and protect a wide cross-section of people of all demographics across our country and across the globe.

Act Now:

  • Individuals, medical professionals, and academics – Explore ways to implement group testing in your own communities and organizations and get in touch with our team for help making group testing more available.
  • Scientists – Join the COVID-19 National Volunteer Scientist Database and help us expand our testing efforts.
  • Testing centers – Contact us to learn more about batch testing in your region.
  • Local and regional decision-makers – Get in touch with our team to discuss making group testing available in your area.
  • Businesses – Contact us to evaluate whether group-testing is a good fit for your employees.

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