Team Earth

Helps projects coordinate to create change, together, for human and planetary health. By introducing projects to each other, creating shared tools like interactive maps showing not only locations, but  projects’ scope, function, aims, and scale and more, we provide  useful tools to identify how and with whom to collaborate.

Strategic Initiatives

Are high-impact projects Team Earth has identified that compliment or augment each other, and we invite them to collaborate. By amplifying their work to resolve a crisis, improve an ecosystem, or meet a basic human need, aligned projects can create a cohesive, thriving Strategic Initiative.

As a Strategic Initiative project

Your project’s logo and link to your project page is on the Team Earth Strategic Initiative webpage, specific to the shared strategy and response. This shared page contains shared calls to action, hashtags, and your logo linked to individual project pages. You project page also showcases any Strategic Initiatives you helped catalyze.

Each month, we’ll send out an email update to all Strategic Initiative projects with a short summary update of progress and next steps from each project team. This will allow project teams to quickly identify ongoing opportunities to collaborate.

The Strategic Initiative process:

We invite SI projects to join a 40 minute kick-off call to introduce key contacts and finalize shared hashtags for social media. In advance of the call, we’ll prepare a document with projects’ primary contact info and preferred social media platforms, handles and hashtag(s).

Team Earth will have a Twitter list named after the map your SI projects are all on, with handles for the other SIs on the map. Consider following, cross-posting and tagging each other generously.

Each month, we’ll ask your team for a brief 2-4 sentence update on the past month’s activities and next steps or collaborative needs. These will be compiled and shared only with other Strategic Initiatives project teams.

Additionally, we encourage projects to share news, data and updates with Team Earth and each other both on- and offline. We celebrate each other’s successes and work together to remove roadblocks.

We’d be happy to provide a custom link for a button on your website to open a view of the Team Earth map that is focused on your project, or a view of your choice. This can help funders and supporters see that you are working in coordination with other projects.

Projects within a Strategic Initiative are encouraged to author or co-author and publish blog posts on our public Team Earth blog. Please email [email protected] for login credentials.

As leaders of a high-impact strategy, other projects may look to you for guidance and advice. We ask that you contribute expertise where you have capacity to help other projects identify and execute their goals, especially where they’ve identified complementary scope or scale.

If you find other projects that aren’t on the Team Earth Pandemic Response map, please feel free to invite aligned projects to the map with or without looping us in. The link to add a Pandemic Response project is in the map sidebar. If you have worked with an aligned project that would enhance the Strategic Initiative, or is interested in starting a new one, please reach out to [email protected] to make an introduction.

Please keep your project’s info up-to-date by editing your map listing with any changes using the edit link we provided. Email [email protected] if you need us to email you the link again.

We hope you find this useful for your fantastic project! Please consider supporting or joining Team Earth. Members have additional access to cooperative resources, such as a shared blog, member forums, and more, which can be used in support of your project.

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