Effective Collaboration is the KEi to Change

When we collaborate, we risk the frustration of information overload – buried emails, chats, and offline conversations. When we finally figure out where to look for important information, we’ve often run out of time to effectively collaborate — and to shape dynamic strategy.

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We help and highlight projects collaborating through

Strategic Initiatives.

Each Strategic Initiative receives and maintains its own page on the Team Earth website, including links to individual projects, key information, project updates, and more.

Projects Networking
Teams Coordinating
Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives (SIs) are groups of two or more projects with: 

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Team Earth utilizes direct donations either through our Open Collective platform, or you can become a Citizen member by contributing annually, joining the discussion, and enjoying additional member benefits.

Your KEi to Change

Team Earth is building collaboration software to help you activate dynamic, informed decisions for measurable change.

We respond to changing circumstances and play an active role in shaping what happens next. To do this, we need access to our knowledge ecosystem: Our trusted friends’, coworkers’ and civic leaders’ strategic intelligence. Every citizen…every leader…every team…everywhere…is sense-making.

With your ‘Knowledge Ecology interface’, or ‘KEi’ collaboration software, you’ll access what the smartest people in the room know and coordinate strategic action based on this intelligence.

Learn About Team Earth

Intelligent collaboration software needs clear strategic information to power insight. That means people.

We apply our software and services to help communities and purpose-driven organizations see and understand their networks and strategies, so they can take meaningful action with less friction.

With a clear view of their strategic landscape, and an understanding of their role and relevance to an aligned network, people more confidently decide where to pay attention and what actions to take.

Our core belief is that human agency and community trust enable us to solve complex challenges, together. To effectively navigate those challenges, we must collaborate well, make good decisions in the face of uncertainty and change, and know where to focus.

Our team can be part of your team.

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We’ll send a brief newsletter every couple of weeks with information on the development of our collaboration software, Strategic Initiatives, and how to otherwise get your project involved.

That’s all we’ll send you – promise.